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Wrap Your Head Around It…

Wrap Your Head Around It…

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I KNOW; with the kiddos and their games, the demanding bosses, the car that needs brakes, the friend that needs an ear and the cat that needs a bath – that you ARE BUSY!!! We ALL are!

The difference between a fit and healthy busy person versus the busy person with 20 pounds to lose is; the fit and healthy person fessed up to the fact that they know that you can eat healthy even when busy.

Here are 5 tips to help you become the Fit-Busy Person:

1)You won’t starve if you have to skip a meal. It is truly better than going through the McDonald’s Drive Thru
2)Even Convenience Stores have fruit and wraps now. It is better than the McDonald’s Drive Thru
(see the trend).
3)Put a Protein Bar in your car or bag. My favorite is the Quest Bar. If it has more than 10 grams of sugar…it is a candy bar!!!
4)When you DO get around to making something healthy, double or triple the menu and put it in containers for the next day or two.
5)When tempted to go into McDonald’s…take 10 seconds to consider how you are going to feel in an hour. You’ll be hungry again, you will have gotten farther from seeing what fit feels like and guilt will ruin the rest of your day. IT’S NOT WORTH IT!


Hey Ladies; what Santa do you want coming down your chimney?

Yep doing it

Do not forget! Brickhouse Cardio Club!


Beachbody Turbo Kick

Women Athletes are nothing new!

Women Athletes is nothing new!

17 Year Old Girls Swims 18 Miles, October 1911