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Don’t be fooled by some muscles!

Being in the fitness industry as long as I’ve been, I know too many professionals and competitors that actually get lean at the expense of their health.

There are some that cut too many nutritious food groups out completely, eat poorly but sparingly and others that dehydrate on a regular basis to add vascularity.

Even most of the pictures you see are touched up with shadowing and airbrushing.

Beachbody Healthy should start on the inside and then your outward appearance should be a reflection of that! Eat clean and drink plenty of water and you’ll be the picture of health!


Don’t blame your parents or science!

Don’t blame your parents or science!

I know, I am going to get a little lash back for this. However, I really believe YOU have the power – 100%- to reach your goal weight!

Sometimes genetics make it harder to get to that healthy weight – about 25% harder to be exact.  Unfortunately, your genetics do not force you to make choices. YOU make the decision on what goes in your mouth. No one forces those baked chips or spaghetti down your throat!

Heck, most of my family is overweight…I could use that as a reason to NOT work to keep my weight in check but I cannot do that. I have birth defects in my feet and ANY extra weight on them creates the chance of them collapsing again all too great!

The excuse that you cannot afford to eat healthy (an apple costs less than a Snickers) or you don’t have time to make a nutritious meal (ever heard of a salad bar) is just a “guilt reliever.” You know better…even convenience stores sell fruit, cheese and nuts.

Make a pact with yourself for ONE week to avoid processed foods. I bet you’ll walk a little taller, look a little thinner and feel a whole lot better!

Worst Massage EVER!

I overdo my cardio every week, so last Sunday I decided to get a massage. I even scheduled a 2 hour one…man was I excited! Keyword here is “was”, this massage was terrible, horrible….and just plain Awful!!

For 120 minutes, I was stroked with a forearm across my back…up and down, up and down!! I have NEVER in my whole life wanted a massage to be over- until now!

I don’t blame the sweet thing though-she was very young. Since I was not in a normal massage coma, my mind went back into my work (what I was actually paying to NOT happen).

However, I did realize that masseuses and coaches have a lot in common. No really- Let me explain!

In order for a masseuse or coach to be really good at what they do; they need not to care about their pay but rather about the health of their clients. Right? Not only that, but they need to listen to their client’s needs and customize each session to focus on those needs.

The masseuse asked what areas I wanted to concentrate on.  I mentioned hurting my back (specifically my sciatic nerve) while moving and would love to have it rubbed out. She pretended to be listening but never touched that region of my body at all. I believe a good coach should listen to their client’s needs and then truly cater to them. My specific needs in this case were ignored entirely.

In addition, the masseuse didn’t have any rhyme or reason to her technique. I asked for deep tissue but got a fancy lotion rub-down. What she did on the right side didn’t match that on the left and the time spent on one limb was half the time of the other. Whether you are a masseuse or coach, you need to have an educated game plan for your clients. Know in advance what your plan is and how to implement it. Of course there will be adjustments but the client can tell when someone is prepared and when they are just “winging it!”

I would so highly suggest for this young lady and for new coaches as well, to learn from these experiences. She may need to get a massage done to her from a successful more experienced masseuse. Possibly from this experience she could take some of their more personalized moves and make them her own or change them a little.

After the 105th forearm sweep across my back, I wanted to jump up and yell….PLEASE do something different but I contained myself. I realized that this was a lesson being taught to me and I needed to pay attention so I could mentor my team of coaches. Are you listening guys??? Have a game plan, listen to your clients and learn from other successful coaches. This is how you become great!!

Anyone know a good masseuse?

Melissa McAllister’s SuperStar Day with Beachbody’s CEO Carl Daikeler

Your actions speak WAY louder than your words!


Your actions speak WAY louder than your words!

So be honest…really honest, do you let your health goals completely go between Thanksgiving and Christmas?

It is the norm and is a rather LARGE contributor to our obesity rate rising so quickly. You see, on average, Americans gain about 10 pounds during the Holiday Season. Not really too big a deal except then we don’t get it off (even with the billions spent every year on quick fixes). That is a 50 pound weight gain in just 5 years….EEEKKK!

May I suggest that if you cannot steer clear of the eggnog, pumpkin pie and gravy then step up your workouts!

Now if that didn’t sound like a solution for you then we certainly need to talk. Do you NOT enjoy your workouts? I tell ya, I <3 mine!! I would bet that there is something out there that you would <3 too….you just need to find it!

Enjoy your Holiday’s a little guilt free by revving up that metabolism…get to movin’!!!!

Hey Ladies; what Santa do you want coming down your chimney?

Shakeology Frozen Fudgy Oat Bars

The classic flavors of chocolate and peanut butter meld together in this brownie-like treat.

Total Time: 1 hr., 10 min.
Prep Time: 10 min.
Yield: 4 bars

• 1 scoop Chocolate Shakeology
• 1 scoop Beachbody Whey Protein Powder
• ½ cup natural peanut butter
• ½ banana
• ½ cup rolled oats

1. Mix all ingredients together.
2. Freeze for at least 90 minutes in an 8″ x 8″ pan.
4. Remove from freezer, cut into 4 squares.

Nutritional Information (per serving):

Calories: 249
Fat: 10g
Saturated Fat: 2g
Cholesterol: 13mg
Sodium: 76g
Carbohydrate: 25g
Fiber: 4g
Sugar Total: 6g
Protein: 16g

Pear, Fennel,walnut, cranberry salad

In search of flavor

Roasted fruits and nuts tossed with peppery arugula and fresh baby spinach makes for a decadent an elegant salad fit for guests and a humble lunch box ! My salad for my Autumn Brunch.


8 Bartlett pears, diced

1 whole fennel bulb chopped

12 oz dried cranberries

8 oz of walnuts

2 tbsp butter

1 tbsp brown sugar

8 oz baby spinach

8 oz arugula

4 tbsp balsamic vinegar.


Preheat oven to 350F

Toss butter, sugar with fruits and nuts and roast till tender and brown.

Toss with salad greens and balsamic vinegar and serve warm !


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A Cute, Affordable Bracelet for a Good Cause!

Coaches Coaches come out come out where ever you are……

With the holiday season coming up I definitely need some more coaches.  Need to be ready for the holidays and those New Year resolutions….