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Let’s go to combat and knock out those holiday pounds


Don’t be fooled by some muscles!

Being in the fitness industry as long as I’ve been, I know too many professionals and competitors that actually get lean at the expense of their health.

There are some that cut too many nutritious food groups out completely, eat poorly but sparingly and others that dehydrate on a regular basis to add vascularity.

Even most of the pictures you see are touched up with shadowing and airbrushing.

Beachbody Healthy should start on the inside and then your outward appearance should be a reflection of that! Eat clean and drink plenty of water and you’ll be the picture of health!

Don’t blame your parents or science!

Don’t blame your parents or science!

I know, I am going to get a little lash back for this. However, I really believe YOU have the power – 100%- to reach your goal weight!

Sometimes genetics make it harder to get to that healthy weight – about 25% harder to be exact.  Unfortunately, your genetics do not force you to make choices. YOU make the decision on what goes in your mouth. No one forces those baked chips or spaghetti down your throat!

Heck, most of my family is overweight…I could use that as a reason to NOT work to keep my weight in check but I cannot do that. I have birth defects in my feet and ANY extra weight on them creates the chance of them collapsing again all too great!

The excuse that you cannot afford to eat healthy (an apple costs less than a Snickers) or you don’t have time to make a nutritious meal (ever heard of a salad bar) is just a “guilt reliever.” You know better…even convenience stores sell fruit, cheese and nuts.

Make a pact with yourself for ONE week to avoid processed foods. I bet you’ll walk a little taller, look a little thinner and feel a whole lot better!