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Discovery Channel® Talks Shakeology®

Discovery Channel® Talks Shakeology®

Discovery Channel writer Eric Rogell looked into our mission of “helping people achieve their goals and lead healthy, fulfilling lives,” and wrote a stunning review of our beloved Shakeology. The article coined “Nutritional ‘Indiana Jones’ Searches Remote Jungles and Mountains for Super Foods” gives readers an overview of what we’ve been up to for the last decade—circling the globe in search of the ultimate superfoods, of course—and the benefits these ancient superfoods can deliver for modern day health.

Don’t take our word for it though; soak in the praise by reading the article, and pat yourself on the back for treating your body to such wonderful nutrition on a daily basis!

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Why is Body Beast so effective?

One word: Testosterone.
It’s the primary hormone your body calls upon to develop muscle mass, and Dynamic Set Training is designed around enhancing your production of it. The more testosterone your body makes, the faster you get big. With Body Beast, different
training strategies are employed—from Prefatigue Sets to Drop, Force, and Tempo
Sets—creating greater time under tension and a faster and more effective workout.
What makes Body Beast unique?
The three phases. Body Beast has three specially designed phases, with
corresponding nutrition phases, to help you Build, Bulk, and become a Beast. Build, the first phase, focuses on creating a strong foundation physically and nutritionally, while getting your head in the game for Phase 2. Bulk, the second phase, is where
size begins to show and your body really begins to change. And Beast, the final
phase, is where you cut up, get chiseled, and get ready for competition.

Mobility, Agility, Vitality.

Everything is about to get better.
Know someone who is dealing with mobility problems, or needs to get up and get moving? Maybe it’s
you. Your spouse or your parents. Whoever it is, Tai Cheng™ can help you turn back the clock, and feel
better than you have in years.
Developed with Dr. Mark Cheng, this whole-body fitness program combines the 18 fundamental moves
of Tai Chi with 21st century sports science. Through this low-impact workout, you can renew your
youthful range of motion. It’s the natural solution to help relieve pain. Ask me and I’ll tell you more!

Shakeology® Is Low-Glycemic: What That Means and Why It Matters to You!

What’s the Glycemic Index? Simply put, the glycemic index is a way to measure how carbohydrates react in your blood. When you eat carbs, your blood sugar level rises anywhere from a little to a lot. The GI (Glycemic Index) uses a scale of 0 to 100, with higher numbers given to foods that cause the most rapid rise in blood sugar.

What do high-GI foods do to my body? They cause the body to produce higher levels of insulin, but sometimes too much. This gives you an energy burst known as a “sugar rush.” It feels good at first, but then your blood sugar drops rapidly and you “crash.” Eating low-GI foods is a smart way to avoid this, because they stabilize your blood sugar levels instead of spiking them.

Blood Glucose ConcentrationsWhat kind of high-GI foods to steer away from and why:

Foods with a high GI (above 70) include white bread, pretzels, potatoes, and most processed foods. Eating these foods triggers a rapid rise in blood sugar and insulin levels, which:

  • Encourages the body to store fat
  • Creates a cycle of hunger pangs and feeling unsatisfied
  • Causes an energy crash that leaves you irritated or tired
  • Can lead to high blood pressure, fluid retention and diabetes

In contrast, foods with a low GI (under 55)—like broccoli, oatmeal, peanuts, and Shakeology—help stabilize blood sugar and insulin levels, which:

  • Increases levels of glycogen, a hormone that causes body fat to be burned
  • Helps satisfy feelings of hunger
  • Helps balance moods
  • Reduces the risk of heart disease, helps control diabetes, and positively affects the aging process

Glycemic Index RangeSo you see, eating low-GI foods like Shakeology is good for you! Shakeology’s GI rating of 24 is much lower than most fruits and some vegetables. Low-GI foods help keep your sugar levels in check while supplying nutrition that satisfies, energizes, and helps promote good health!

Shakeology Love it!

Shakeology lovers!

Shakeology: New Superfood FormulaThe new Chocolate Superfood formula has started to make its appearance in peoples’ homes and let’s just say it’s definitely “shaking” things up with both new and loyal Chocolate fans. The diversity of the feedback is quite impressive, and we truly appreciate the shared passion out there for this product that we all know as the Healthiest Meal of the Day. We didn’t expect change to be embraced without some skepticism or opposition, but Beachbody and the Shakeology team take it very much to heart, and encourage the dialogue to continue.

In the meantime, let’s take a moment to review WHAT was modified from the original Chocolate formula, and WHY we chose to change what was a pretty darn amazing shake to begin with!…

Almost 4 years have passed since our first Chocolate formula was created. Because Darin Olien and the formulation team consistently look to innovate and improve Shakeology, we have provided an even healthier 2012 formula to replace the 2009 version. With that in mind, here’s all the goodness you are now getting in the new formulation:

  • LESS FRUCTOSE! Yes, fructose is natural, but bottom line: it’s sugar. We lowered the amount of fructose and replaced some of it with more nutritious, sweet superfood ingredients Coconut Flower Nectar and Luo Han Guo.
  • MORE FIBER! The benefits of fiber are undisputed. By adding some plant protein to the mix (the majority of protein still coming from whey isolate), we’ve raised the amount of fiber per serving from 3 grams to 6 grams!
  • 4 NEW SUPERFOODS! Along with the Luo Han Guo and Coconut Flower Nectar, Moringa and Himalayan Salt have been added. Moringa is one of the most nutrient-dense plants in the world, providing a multitude of vitamins, minerals, protein, antioxidants. And Himalayan salt is a “healthy” salt, containing more than 70 trace minerals!

We do recognize that to some, the Chocolate New Superfood formula tastes different than the original version. But, considering the fact that all these superfoods don’t taste awful is a huge win. Just as you likely had to play around with the original Chocolate Shakeology to find your perfect, tasty “recipe”, it may take a few days or even a week for you to find the right balance of flavor. Experiment with different levels of ice, your favorite fruits, liquids, nut butters to get the ‘right’ combination. PLUS, you’ll have the knowledge that this new Chocolate is really superior from a nutrition standpoint.

For anyone who thinks that the taste is less sweet (for some customers, this is actually a positive), or less “chocolatey,” our superfans have already found ways to address the issue. Here are some things you can try:

  • Using chocolate almond milk or vanilla coconut milk
  • Adding a dollop of vanilla yogurt
  • Experimenting with a bit more PB2 peanut butter powder or spices like cinnamon or nutmeg.
  • You can always add a touch of natural sweetener like honey, agave or maple syrup

Everyone experiences the taste change differently and we are here to help you find your ‘sweet’ spot in terms of taste. Below are some great new recipes that you can try with the new Chocolate Superfood formula!

Blue Moon:
1 cup chocolate almond milk
1 cup frozen blueberries
Dash of cinnamon

Carl Daikeler Special:
1 cup chocolate almond milk
1 banana
1 Tbsp peanut butter
1 Tbsp vanilla Greek yogurt

Chocolate Covered Strawberry

Chocolate Covered Strawberry:
1 cup chocolate almond milk
1 cup frozen strawberries
1 Tbsp vanilla Greek yogurt

Cheeky Coconut

Cheeky Coconut:
1 cup vanilla coconut milk
1/2 banana
1 Tbsp peanut butter (or PB2)

In summary, we hope you’ll try the formula and play around with the above recipes –it can take a little while for your taste buds to adjust to something new. Please share your recipes with us on Facebook! And stay tuned for our next blog post all about the incredibly nutritious superfood, MORINGA!

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Cassie Changed Her Life with Shakeology and Turbo Fire! – Awesome

Cassie Changed Her Life with Shakeology and Turbo Fire!

Cassie: Before & AfterTell us about your life before you started the program. How did you feel about yourself and your body?
Before I started the working out with Turbo Fire and drinking Shakeology I hated even catching a glimpse of my reflection in a store window. I was always shocked! I’d tell myself to suck my big gut back in and move on. I hated feeling unhealthy, gross, too big for my own clothes, and the reflection I was seeing didn’t show the woman I am!

What inspired you to change your life and begin your transformation journey?
I wasn’t getting to where I wanted to be and I had zero motivation. I would eat well for 2-3 days before I would give up and order a pizza. I also knew that I wanted to have another baby, but I wanted to go into the next pregnancy healthier. It was the inspiration of my son and the motivation of my next baby that made me want to be the best and healthiest mom I could be.

What in particular did you like about the program you chose?*
I liked that it felt fun. It was never too hard that it made me want to throw my hands up and give up. Yet, I would be drenched in sweat by the end of tape. And I really love Chalene Johnson. She’s really motivating and keeps me on track. It was so fun to shake it to the music, and on bad days I would put in ‘Punch Kick and Jam’ and feel like I was beating up my anger.

How did Shakeology® support your transformation? What are the greatest benefits?
I never used to eat breakfast. I would make myself a big pot of french press coffee and sip on it all day until it was time for lunch. Now I make my Shakeology up in the morning, I don’t even need coffee anymore because it gives me so much energy! I crave it! Funny enough my number one craving when I was pregnant was Strawberry smoothies. If only I knew about Shakeology then!

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If I were a doctor, I would recommend Shakeology to my patients ;)

Shakeology is not just for people to “get ripped“, it is everyone. Makes a perfect gift for grandma and grandpa too. Better than that Ensure stuff>

Shakeology Video

I like this video…but there are more to come…hehe

Team Beachbody Canada October 1st!

Beachbody has announced that we will be accepting coaches from Canada!

Ok Northern Neighbors, Beachbody will start accepting coaches from Canada. Visit or for more details click on the coaching link!