My review of Hydroxycut:

I am all for that little su’em, su’em that gives you a pep before a workout (coffee, tea or maybe some Energy and Endurance from Beachbody) but I do steer clear of “Weightloss” Pills for 3 reasons. 1) Your body does become accustom to them and you need more and more to get the same effect. This leads to problem #2 and #3. 2) These have been proven to cause liver damage and fails to help it do it’s main job.. It is tough for your liver to break down these supplements. The main purpose of your liver is to clean your blood and flush fat. It CANNOT flush the fat if it is too busy breaking down foreign products in your diet (stay away from processed food for the same reason) and 3) It wears out your heart. Once taken, it actually speeds up your heart-rate (more than caffeine alone does) even at rest. Your heart cannot take the long term stimulation and it causes permanent damage. There are lots of reports on long term users who have had heart attacks because their poor little hearts couldn’t take it anymore. 😉 You don’t need a crutch…just someone who believes in you!

Plus: Hydroxycut has not had a great safety record……

About teammadeonline

Hello there! My name is Melissa McAllister. I am a proud 37 year old mother of a smart and witty 16 year old son and a bright and sassy 15 year old daughter. My husband is the reason I eat, drink, and sleep health and fitness. He has 2 speeds, GO and GO Faster. We have been together for over 22 years and married for 16 (yes, he had me at “hello!”). Don't get me wrong though...I was a Dorito and Coca Cola eating Hoover when I was in school! Fitness has been an essential part of my life for over 14 years. I have the 3 best jobs in the world—being a stay-at-home Mom, business owner, and group exercise instructor for several large fitness chains. I have been teaching everything from yoga to kickboxing for over 12 years. I have also had the great opportunity to train, inspire, and motivate other instructors for the past 9 years. You might even see me in a few fitness videos out there! ;) Reaching out to others who are struggling to be healthy and happy is my passion. I couldn’t tell you next Fall’s latest fashion must have or what flowers to plant this season, but I can help you achieve your health and fitness goals. With your determination and my motivation, we can find and keep the best YOU! Everyone deserves to be excited to get dressed in the morning and proud to walk into any room. My Motto: I will inspire by holding myself and those around me accountable!

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  1. What do you think of Spark by Advocare. It is supposedly vitamins etc and good stuff for ya. It sure is a help for the afternoon slump to keep me moving instead of taking a nap. It’s not for weight loss. But I’ve lost weight because I’ve been more active and I skip that afternoon munchy and nap.

    • Hi JR,

      I know Spark very well. You are right, it does have B vitamins and alittle caffeine in it to help you through the slump. 🙂

      It just goes back to what I mentioned before, it becomes sort of a crutch (much like coffee or a 5 Hour Energy) for people to get through their day. What did we do before these products??

      With proper nutrition, I truly believe your body won’t get that slump and you won’t need “supplemental” energy. Plus, isn’t that stuff a “before you exercise” booster? 😉

      Thanks for the comment! MM

  2. Is the heart rate increase from hydroxycut permanant?

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