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When girls played baseball.

From 1911.


I have been a Group Exercise Instructor for 24 Hour Fitness for just about 15 years now. They are my FAVORITE Fitness Franchise!

Since we have such a great relationship and I can PACK a house, they have asked me to host a TurboKick-a-thon on Saturday, September 8, 2012.

This is such a fun part of my job (like ANY of it’s tough)! I get the opportunity to get between 200-300 happy, energetic and hard working Turbo Kick Fanatics together and we Party like it’s 1999!

Don’t you worry, I’ll have plenty of video and pictures to share with you. When exercise is THIS FUN, how could anyone sleep in????

Alcohol: To Buzz or not to Buzz

One of the top questions I get from clients is, “Can I drink alcohol?”

Well, first off, I am a VERY expensive drunk, Seriously! When I was younger…it took me many, many drinks to get that “feel good” feeling. Since I have NEVER liked drinking my calories…I never became much of a drinker.

As I’ve gotten older though, I have learned to love a glass of red wine with dinner. Granted, this is maybe only once a week but I do enjoy the relaxing feeling it gives me. Remember, I have teenagers!

Now I say, “I’ve learned” because I did not like red wine at first…I had to acquire that taste but I did so because I knew it was the healthiest choice out there and I now really enjoy trying new blends and names. It’s actually very fun to visit a winery and do a tasting with someone special.

The reason why red wine is the healthier choice is because it contains resveratrol. This is the key ingredient in that helps prevent damage to blood vessels, reduces “bad” cholesterol and prevents blood clots. Sound beneficial to me!!

Just like anything else out there…moderation, moderation, moderation AND if you are going to drink, why not make it something that could help your heart!

Healthy Beachbody Moms


I have been in the fitness industry for about 14 years. More importantly I am a wife and mom and I understand the difficulties that exist in being a woman and staying fit. There is a lot of fitness and nutritional products out there, unfortunately many are no different than those “get rich quick schemes” – where losing money will happen instead of losing weight. With Beachbody you have to be committed to do the work- it is not a get skinny quick scheme! As women we are used to being committed- we put children and family above all else. In doing so, we sometimes forget about ourselves. However, we must realize that staying healthy and fit is not a selfish thing- to take time for you. Staying healthy is for you and your commitments. You will have more energy for the kids, work and feel more confident. Not to mention the extra energy you will have for hubby or that special someone in your life….if you know what I mean. So all you moms out there….stay healthy!


Insanity Beachbody Program

I really love this program. It is called Insanity for a reason! I am a cardio junkie who loves to be pressed to my limits. Insanity does just that for almost any level of exercise, but you have to be committed!

Even for the beginner, with modifications and a lot of resting (you will), you can do this 60 day program. As you go along the program the modifications and rests will be reduced- which is another indicator for you that you are succeeding.  The Insanity 60 day program as workout that are practical and you will see and feel fast results than almost any other Beachbody program.

Women Athletes are nothing new!

Women Athletes is nothing new!

17 Year Old Girls Swims 18 Miles, October 1911

Protein Pancakes

– 1 Scoop Vanilla Whey Protein
– 1 egg white
– 1/4 cup almond milk
– 2 Tbsp whole grain flour
– 3/4 tsp baking powder
– 3/4 tsp cinnamon
– 1/2 tsp vanilla
– 1 pack Stevia
– pinch nutmeg
– pinch salt

Combine Ingredients and pour into non-stick pan lightly coated with Extra Virgin Olive Oil Spray.



Yoga Downward Dog Mix for a great workout

Great Workout Warm-up

My review of Hydroxycut:

I am all for that little su’em, su’em that gives you a pep before a workout (coffee, tea or maybe some Energy and Endurance from Beachbody) but I do steer clear of “Weightloss” Pills for 3 reasons. 1) Your body does become accustom to them and you need more and more to get the same effect. This leads to problem #2 and #3. 2) These have been proven to cause liver damage and fails to help it do it’s main job.. It is tough for your liver to break down these supplements. The main purpose of your liver is to clean your blood and flush fat. It CANNOT flush the fat if it is too busy breaking down foreign products in your diet (stay away from processed food for the same reason) and 3) It wears out your heart. Once taken, it actually speeds up your heart-rate (more than caffeine alone does) even at rest. Your heart cannot take the long term stimulation and it causes permanent damage. There are lots of reports on long term users who have had heart attacks because their poor little hearts couldn’t take it anymore. 😉 You don’t need a crutch…just someone who believes in you!

Plus: Hydroxycut has not had a great safety record……

Another visual to keep you eating right!

Retaining water